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Monday, August 29, 2011

Chinese Soup: The Bird's Nest Or Hot And Sour? Benefits Of Chinese Soups

Many of us have heard of many famous Chinese soups like the Bird's Nest Soup and hot and sour soup and Buddha Jumps over the Wall soup intriguing. Did you know that Chinese soup for the use of drugs and food? The Chinese believe in the balance of yin and yang or hot and cold forces of nature and is based on the ingredients used in Chinese soups.

Besides the nutritional value of food itself and the use properties of Chinese medicinal ingredients of the soup to maintain good health or to speed along the healing of sick people with these ingredients. Ideally, fresh ingredients and if possible, also used the best quality. An example of a popular soup for its healing properties are the Bird's Nest Soup "of. In Mandarin, this is called or Yan wo literally swallow's nest.

These are the edible nests quickly or swallowing. When mixed with water, nests, which have come to light, and a description of the gelatin is believed that many health benefits. A major benefit is to improve the immune system, and accelerating the regeneration of cells. Bird's Nest would cost hundreds of dollars, but if consumed regularly, it is believed to improve resistance to disease in children strengthen the immune system, strengthens the lungs and kidneys as well as men to improve women's skin. Others believe it can help people who suffer from asthma.

Meanwhile, there are soups that are supposed to relieve colds and to reduce fever. When you have a fever, the Chinese believe that eating the soup, which is yin to reduce fever and when he has a cold, will give the soup was more yang to balance the lack of yang forces in the body. Examples include soups, winter melon soup, which is used to cool the body and is usually taken during the summer months. Chrysanthemum is also incorporated in food to achieve the same goal. For the colder months, ginseng and ginger may be used to heat the body that may be lacking in energy Yang. The hot and sour soup is also said to be good for colds.

Many Chinese soups use herbs and plants with medicinal properties as an ingredient. These are the ingredients and balance of nutrients in ingredients that will bring many benefits. Everything is in the balance of various elements in nature as the Chinese believe. And if you feel angry, why not make Chinese soup to balance what's bothering you?

Myth And Reality Of Red Bird's Nest

Soap Bird's Nest is a famous Chinese health food. It can improve your health, makes your skin radiant and luminous, strengthen the lungs and prolong life.

There are about three types of bird's nest which is white, black and red. White is formed by a species of swiftlet called Aerodramus fuciphagus while the black by Aerodramus greater. The nest is made by Red fuciphagus Aerodrumus usually in caves. The Red Nest is said to be the best quality, which may produce the best effects. So, Red Nest is sold at a higher price.

The myth about red bird's nest has been persistent in the Chinese community. Some say that the swifts mix their blood with saliva nests, another said that because of the common crops by farmers, the swifts have to work very hard until they bleed in the throat of the construction of the Bird's Nest. The fact is that no matter how much blood is black.

According to the observation of experienced collectors, the nests are located near the entrance to the caves are white. Going deeper into the cave, the hives are yellow and near the end of a deep red gold.

The coloring of real bird nests yellow and red is the interaction of the nest with the wall of the cave and the absorption of natural minerals found in the wall. A nest with red yellow and red uniforms are rarely found because one side of the nest is in contact with the wall of the cave. It could be because of diet on swiftlet red algae. In such cases, the color of the nest is grayish pink rather than yellow or red.

There is another rumor: the Red Nest is made by the swiftlet house. It is not true that the swiftlet house only eat insects and not algae. Only make a nest swiftlet red. Whether it is the nest for the first time or several times, it produces only one type of white birds nest know. The rumor can spread by unscrupulous businessmen who rigged a nest of color in white or white to the nest becomes red by gassing.

In conclusion, we must be careful in the choice of red as natural nests can profit, while evil can harm health.

Birds That Produces Edible Bird Nests - Best Review

Bird nests soup was delicious Chinese cuisine in the 500 years since the Ming Dynasty. It has many nutritional benefits, as it promotes rapid recovery from the infection of the lungs and makes the skin bright and radiant.

Because of its scarcity and high demand particularly in China, the bird's nest is sold at premium prices.

The swiftlet is the only type of birds capable of producing edible bird nest is. He lives in a limited part of the world. These areas include the island of Hainan in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo (composed of Sarawak, Sabah, Brunei and Kalimantan) and the Philippines.

There are three main species of swiftlet nests that produce edible, which is the main ingredient in the soup.

The first swifts nesting species is white. It has a scientific name called Aerodramus fuciphagus. It is 12 inches long and weighs approximately 16 grams. It has the feathers of gray-brown and brown eyes. Its appeal is strong double click is used to maneuver the caves. Your bird's nest weighs 4.5 to 8 grams.

It builds its nest edible saliva, salivary glands, a pair of large block located under the tongue. Swiftlet male builds the nest. 85-97% of the nest is a sticky threads swiftlet saliva. It 'the most wanted item and its price is the highest swiftlet nests. Swiftlet builds the nest three times a year. The female lays two eggs swiftlet pesimäkausilla seasons ever.

Farmers specially designed house martins nest swifts prefer to keep white. They try to appeal to his perch and nest swiftlet houses playing pre-recorded sounds swiftlet.

Another species is the black-nest swiftlet. It 'also known as Aerodramus maximus. And 'largest swiftlet nest white. Its length is about 13 cm and weighs about 28 grams.

It builds its nest deep saliva mixed with feathers and vegetable matter. Its legs are feathered. Feathers used in the construction of their nests. 5-15% of saliva nest swiftlet is sticky threads. The majority of products in bottles or cans are produced in this type of accommodation nest swiftlet.

The third case is the nest swiftlet grass. Its scientific name is Collocalia esculenta. It has a dark blue body. This is less than the nest swiftlet nest swiftlet white and black. Its length is about 9 inches. He pitched sounds.

Mix the herbs with their saliva to build nests. The nest is brown and contains 15.05% of the swifts threads sticky saliva. Restaurants prefer this type of swifts nest soup.

This is one of the most common birds on the island of Borneo, and shows all over the sky of palm oil in the mountain forests of the plains. It feeds on mosquitoes and other small insects. In the city, which is very weak in some shady colonial buildings. In the forest it builds its nest under rock ledges.